The Cannabus has been instrumental in Educational and Prison Outreach efforts since 2012! A 1988 GMC Thomas Built School bus, converted and  hand painted by talented artists, Linzy McGantz and Brandon Reidiger. Since 2012 the Cannabus has travelled all across the country educating on the benefits and truths about cannabis , the truths about the Drug War , and the need to end cannabis prohibition and set all our people FREE!! The Cannabus is an eye catcher and a powerful advocacy tool , loaded with educational materials , pictures and stories of our plant prisoners and casualties, she's able to attract crowds and educate the masses!! Including police officers all across the map!!

The Cannabus shows up for legislative hearings , VFW Conferences , Court supports for cannabis defendants , Events, Patient Visits, etc,. Anywhere education efforts will make an impact which is Everywhere!! Gas Stations , Rest Areas, Restaurants, Hotels, Campgrounds , all turn into Cannabis Freedom educational rallies when the Cannabus rolls through town!! In 2013 the Cannabus teamed up with activists across the map for a Journey for Justice to Chris Williams sentencing hearing! A man being separated from his son and given a mandatory federal sentence for operating a legal state medical operation in Montanna ! We travelled from Southern California to Missoula Montanna to show up in support and were able to bring much attention to the pains of prohibition and what was currently happening to many even in "Legal States" along the way there and back! Replace with, "Since then we've traveled many miles across the nation, inspiring and growing cannabis freedom efforts while helping guide many patients towards a higher quality of life."

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